Peach "pool" anyone?

Peach “pool” anyone?

Driving through the North Carolina mountains last weekend we stopped by a road-side produce stand and found these lovely peaches.  South Carolina peaches!  I mean, they are beyond lovely because they are fully in-season and begging to be made into whatever your heart desires or eaten raw over the sink because they’re SO juicy!

Peaches ripen really well when they haven’t been refrigerated…that’s why it’s so hard to find great peaches in a grocery store.  The cold just does something to the sugars and they are never quite right after that!  So it’s worth a trip to the farmer’s market or your favorite road-side stand where they most likely have not cooled the peaches.

So, what to do with all these peaches?

Marinade for fresh peaches!

Marinade for fresh peaches!

My base for just marinating/macerating them is simple and elevates the flavor of the peaches, if need be.  Once the peaches ripen on your counter top you’ll want to get on with the eating of them so…here’s what I do:

  1. Wash and cut peaches into slices or chunks for whatever your end use might be.  For example, slices for a pie and chunks for a crisp.  I like the skins & so skip the peeling.
  2. Depending on the sweetness of the peaches add a tablespoon or two of honey.
  3. Add in 1-2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice for brightness.
  4. And, as much cinnamon as you can stand…or whatever spices you like…cardamom, clove and such.
  5. And, a pinch of sea salt because it elevates the flavor.
Peaches happily marinating!

Peaches happily marinating!

The topping from my Blueberry Crisp recipe would work perfectly for peaches as well and it’s gluten & dairy free if you’re interested.

Y’all know there are a plethora of things to do with fresh peaches with everything from peach salsa to a sauce for a strongly flavored chicken or lamb sausage to ice cream to a frozen peach vodka drink with a little stevia added for sweetness.

So, my only advisement in all things peaches is keep the sweet factor as low as you can and add some fat to help slow the absorption of the sugar into your blood.  And, good fats make everything taste good!

What are you doing with your peaches these days?  Sounds like a personal question! :-)