Duck Cracklin's...Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Duck Cracklin’s…Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The French really know and have known forever how to consume fabulous fats that are good for them.  Their motivation to eat lots of duck fat, pate’, butter, cream and cheeses was not because they supported their health necessarily but because they taste great and make food oh so satisfying!

I’m sure y’all have heard about the southwest region of France and how they have really low incidences of heart disease amongst a people group that eats lots of duck fat and pate’!  I like to focus on two questions when choosing to eat a variety of real fats…who’s been eating them and how is their health?  That is all the proof I need!

That being said, if you want to read further about real fats and their vast health benefits on people all over the world then please take the time to read this article at the Weston A. Price site called “The Skinny on Fats.”  And, my blog post on the “Chef Shane’s Top 10 Reasons to Eat Healthy Fats!”

Back to the subject of this post…I thought it would be helpful to show y’all how to render your very own duck fat so you’ll see that in the video down below…along with the joy of consuming the “cracklin’s” and cooking the carcass in the slow cooker to get the meat off the bone and then…cook the bones in the slow cooker to get one of the richest and most delicious bone broths around!  Then read on past the video for the benefits, how to use and how to store it!  Let’s just call this the “all things duck food” video!  It’s a long one so pour a cup of tea and enjoy!

Benefits of consuming duck fat:

  • The flavor!
  • Duck fat is so versatile…read about the uses down below.
  • Contains about 30% healthy saturated fats…helping to keep it stable.
  • Duck fat is a carrier for the all-important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K & E!
  • You can strain & reuse the oil because it’s that stable…you can’t do that with butter and olive oil.  This does not apply if you end up making the duck fat smoke.
  • It’s mostly composed of monounsaturated fats…a little more than extra-virgin olive oil…for those of you who eat your weight in EVOO then this is good news!
  • Excellent fat to use for high heat cooking because it has a high-smoke point of 375 degrees…just in case you want to make some french fries every now and again!
  • You will feel satisfied and satiated!
Golden Goodness!

Golden Goodness!

How to use duck fat:

  • Popcorn!  I would use half duck fat & half coconut oil for popping non-GMO corn!
  • Roast chicken: rub it under the skin and all over the skin, season and roast!  Who doesn’t love to eat some crispy chicken skin?
  • Potatoes:  makes the tastiest & crispiest potatoes hand’s down!
  • Fry eggs!
  • Brown meat for roasting or just to pan-sear a protein and finish in the oven.
  • You can even use a bit of it melted in a salad dressing for that extra little something special…called “umami.”

How to store duck fat and how long will it last:

  • after rendering/straining into a glass jar leave the lid off and let the fat completely cool before covering it.  You do not want any condensation in that jar because any fat exposed to water makes it rancid…not good.
  • It will keep 8-12 months in the refrigerator.
  • And, about “forever” in the freezer.  But, if you decide to freeze it I would transfer the fat to a food-safe plastic container…just in case the glass cracks and you have to throw the whole thing out.  Believe me, you would cry!

If you don’t want to render your own duck fat then you can order it from here or here!

If you don’t want to go hunting for your own duck then you can pick up a frozen one at most any grocery store or order a “high-rent, non-gmo” duck from here.

So, y’all get to rendering/cracklin’/cooking/brothing/stocking a duck and please let me know how it all goes.  Have fun in the kitchen people…break free of the norm…you’ll be so happy when you open your fridge and see a jar of this golden delicious duck fat sitting there waiting to elevate anything you’re cooking!!!

Have you ever used duck fat in your cooking?