With Love, From Fat!

With Love, From Fat!

There are way more than 10 reasons to eat a steady diet of healthy fats but I thought the ones listed below would give you something to really hang your hat on and inspire you to eat more of the good stuff!  I’m such a visual learner and I wish I could find pictures that would drive each one of these reasons home and make it easier for you to remember but…the lonely “fuzzy butter heart” will have to do for now.

Back in the 70’s we were brainwashed with the messages of “fat is bad,” “fat will make us fat,” “fat causes heart disease,” etc. etc.  We’ve all been living with this great fear of fat because of that “lipid hypothesis.”  So, if you really want to know where this tragic message got its start then please read this article, “The Lipid Hypothesis” and/or the amazing book “Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It” by Gary Taubes.

If this “fat is bad” hypothesis was and is true then why do we have so many people in this country sick with heart disease, diabetes, depression/mental illness and obesity…just to name a few?  I’d have to say, as many others do, that the no fat/low fat experiment was the worst living human experiment…ever!  Sorry, just had to have a moment.

But, please do your own research.  Might I suggest you start with “The Skinny on Fats” at the Weston A. Price site.  You will be amazed!

I am mostly focusing on animal fats because, by now, I think we’re all clear about the nutritional benefits of plant-based fats…more like we’ve been beaten over the head with them.  And this is why I feel called to focus mostly on healthy animal fats, because the playing field needs to continue to be leveled a bit!

Some of the fats I’ll be talking and writing about are:

  • duck fat
  • cream
  • bone marrow
  • beef tallow
  • butter
  • ghee
  • coconut oil
  • bacon fat
  • lard

Y’all are getting the picture of how much I love real fats and want to encourage you to eat more of them, right?  So, in hopes of spurring you on, I wanted to put together this short list of what I believe are some of the excellent benefits of eating a diet rich in healthy fats!

Shane’s Top 10 Reasons to Eat Healthy Fats:

  1. Big logs on the fire!  Fats are the long-burning source of energy that helps to keep your blood sugar stable and you satiated until the next meal.  You want to lose weight?  Eat more fat!
  2. Real “single-ingredient” fats are the building blocks of cell membranes which allow them to be flexible and communicate more easily with one another…and, allow for the good stuff to come into the cell and to keep the bad stuff out.
  3. Food for you brain!  Did you know that your brain is about 60% fat?Healthy fats help to calm you and reduce the incidence of dimentia greatly.
  4. Fats are the preferred source of energy for the heart.  Really!  The heart is mostly surrounded by saturated fats…got to keep the fuel close by.
  5. Fats are required for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, K, D & E.
  6. Quality fats are the building blocks of healthy cholesterol…which is made in the liver.  You would die without cholesterol…so you might as well give your liver what it needs to make the “right” kind!
  7. Fats serve as a protective lining for your body’s organs.
  8. Including healthy fats in every meal and snack slows the digestion and absorption of glucose (sugar) into the bloodstream.  Fats are a critical component in keeping blood sugar levels stable.  I’m kind of repeating an earlier point here…but, it bears repeating!
  9. Saturated fats are critical building blocks for hormones and your immune system.
  10. Here’s a reason we can all get excited about…fats make food taste great!  And, my goodness people…food nourishes us emotionally and physically!  Enjoy your food!

No, I don’t encourage folk to eat scoops of fat at each meal but a good general rule of thumb is that about 30% of your caloric intake should be healthy fats.

So hang with me…I will now proceed to write a series of posts on individual fats, how to buy or render them, how to cook with them and again, why they’re so darned good for you!

Have I convinced you as to why it’s important to include a variety of healthy animal fats in your diet?  Are you still afraid of fat or are you encouraged?