I can’t believe that during that whole “fat-free craze” of the eighties and beyond I would barely touch a nut because I was told they had too much fat, yikes!  Can you believe that?

Well I’ll go one better, I barely touched avocados and salmon for the same reason.  And now the message is: eat salmon twice a week and a little hand full of nuts and seeds most days and oh, avocados are way good for you!

People, we have got to stop taking advice about what to eat from anyone other than history herself and what has and hasn’t worked for us for over thousands of years!

Really, can we just  vow to eat only real food raised in a traditionally healthy way from this point forward?  That’s why the Weston A. Price Foundation is mostly at the core of what I believe and preach to everyone!

It’s real simple and life becomes so much more pleasant when we just focus on eating all the great goodness that God put on this earth to nourish us!!!

That little tirade leads me to our discussion today: nuts and seeds.  I used to eat raw nuts and thought that was my best option, but raw nuts can be quite difficult to digest depending on how well you digest food in general.  My digestion has been challenged for years and I seem to enjoy soaked and dehydrated nuts and seeds so much better.  Let’s just say I burp a whole lot less.

To keep it simple, here are the three reasons you want to soak and dehydrate nuts and seeds:

  1. They are easier to digest…for gut-challenged people like me.
  2. Raw nuts/seeds are dirty and need to be washed before consuming.
  3. And they just taste better and are more satisfying!

I’ve been making these for years and always have a pile of them on hand just like you see in the photo up above.  There is something just so comforting about having all these properly prepared nuts and seeds at the ready and here are some reasons as to why it’s a great idea!

  • little appetizer for drop-in company
  • Give your baked products that little extra something crispy
  • snack bags of these in my purse and car at all times
  • homemade nut butter
  • crackers made out of almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds…check out my Savory and Satisfying Crackers!
  • Honey Buttered Nuts…for a sweet treat or a great little holiday gift!
  • boost the nutrition in a salad
  • chop some up & add to chicken salad
  • Dairy-Free Miso Pesto…made with sunflower seeds or walnuts
  • bottle up a batch…makes a great hostess gift
  • Spoon some full-fat plain yogurt over  my Sunflower Seed Breakfast “Cake”
  • Make my Seedy-Nut Bars for an on-the-go quick pick me up!
  • roll a cheese ball in them or a log of goat cheese rolled in sunflower seeds and drizzled with just a tiny bit of honey!

And, I could go on.  The great news is that they couldn’t be easier to make.  I took the recipe right out of Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig’s fabulous book, “Nourishing Traditions,” page 513 “Crispy Nuts” to be exact.

“Nourishing Traditions” is so full of great information about the hows and whys of eating a nutrient-dense traditional diet based upon Weston A. Price’s findings.  It is a must have for anyone serious about eating real food!

Here’s what they say to do pretty much across the board: take four cups of nuts and/or seeds, using a big bowl (do not mix the nuts and seeds until they are dehydrated/dried because each has its own cooking time) generously cover with filtered water and add one heaping tablespoon of sea salt.  Stir until salt is dissolved, cover with a clean towel and soak for 7-8 hours.  Cashews are the exception, do not soak these past six hours because they get too slimy and you’ll want to dehydrate these nuts in the oven on a baking sheet at 200°F for 12-24 hours.

Once the soaking time is completed on all other nuts and seeds then drain them well in a colander, give them a good rinsing and spread out evenly over baking sheets covered with parchment paper if you’re using the oven or spread them out evenly on the dehydrator shelves.  All the other nuts and seeds should be placed in a dehydrator at 150ºF for 12-24 hours.  You just need to check their crispness factor occasionally after the 12 hour mark because you don’t want to end up with prune-like little nuts.

But, your oven will work just fine for all nuts and seeds if you don’t have a dehydrator.  Just set the temperature as low as it will go – mine is 170°F- and stir them around every once in a while so that they will be evenly dehydrated.

Pecans going into the dehydrator.

Cashews coming out of the oven…delicioso!!!

Enjoy the benefits of all nuts and seeds prepared in this most tasty and nutritious way.  Store them in glass jars on your kitchen counter for easy access or in the fridge if you prefer.

Share some of your “nutty” ideas with the rest of us because the possbilites are endless!